3d pictures, virtual reality, view-master and film slides

3d pictures, virtual reality, view-master and film slides

3d pictures and virtual reality – theory

3d pictures are photos with a three dimensional effect usually known as virtual reality that have been obtained using the technique of 3d photography or stereo photography. It is consisted in taking two different images of an object very similar but from a slightly different angle. This is similar to the two eyes of human when they observe an object.  The 3d pictures are viewed using a 3d viewer or stereoscope. The 3d pictures are visualized by printed then on photographic papers or slides and then viewed in a 3d viewer.  In this way, the 3d pictures give you the sensation of depth in an image or virtual reality sensation.

A 3d viewer or stereoscope is a device to see two photos separated by a space between them. With the left-eye you see one picture and the right-eye the second picture, viewing similar scene of a object giving the effect of virtual reality. Commonly a 3d viewer or stereoscope provides have lens so you can see the 3d image through it

People experiences the virtual reality effect using their normal vision in nature because the binocular vision provided by the two eyes’ different positions on the head, therefore each eye see a different image of a object from different angle. This 3d sensation can be replicated with two photographic images called 3d pictures of an object taken from two different angles. The 3d pictures are then viewed with the 3d viewer, in which the person perceive the image as a single three dimensional image or virtual reality effect.


3d picture

Figure representing how is working when its taking a 3d picture. The technique is similar when the two eyes of a human is looking an object. The two eyes observed an object from different perspective and distance and due the two different images we can appreciate the 3d effect or virtual reality. When a 3d picture is taken with a 3d camera which have two different cameras inside, then this take two different images with different perspective exactly as the human eyes.

Obtaining 3d pictures

The 3d pictures are obtained by taking 3d pictures by an analog or digital 3d camera or by transforming a 2d picture into a 3d picture. The conversion into a 3d picture is a time consuming process and not all the 2d pictures can be converted into 3d pictures.

Ways to view the 3d pictures

The 3d pictures can be printed on photographic paper or on film slide and then viewed by a 3d viewer or stereoscope.

The size of the 3d pictures

The 3d pictures can be printed on paper or film slide at different size depending on which viewer will be used to see the 3d pictures. The size can be 35mm, view-master size or medium format. The view-master are explained in this page.

3d pictures services

We offer different kind of service for 3d pictures

3d picture session using 3d cameras

We provide a photographic session using our 3d cameras. In this way we make sure that the 3d pictures taken will have the correct angle, distance, etc., so the 3d effect be appreciated later on when they be viewed by the 3d viewer. We live in Spain but are able to travel to any country in Europe to perform the shooting to en extra cost. We do shooting for different kind of purposes for particular or companies. For instance if you want beautiful memories of your wedding, a special moment with your family, a session of your children or you are a photo model that want have a photo session of 3d pictures. We also provide 3d services for companies, for instance, you are a tourist office and want to give  3d pictures to your clients as present or give as a promotional gift of a specific tourist location.

2d pictures conversion into 3D pictures

We can convert your 2D pictures into 3D pictures. This is a time consuming process therefore it is expensive and not all 2D pictures can be converted into 3D pictures. Several digital program are used for this purpose and several control processes are doing in each moment to check the 3d effect. No all 2d pictures can be converted into 3d pictures because the picture must have a high quality, the distance of the objects in the pictures are important so usually we need to check the pictures before we process to convert the 2d picture into 3d pictures.

3d pictures into a final product

We can put the 3d pictures we have taken in a 3d photo session, the one we have converted from 2d into 3d pictures, or the client´s own 3d pictures into a final product in paper or film slide with a format of your choice of 35mm, view-master or medium format size. The 3d pictures need to be fixed in stereo mounts for the 35mm and medium format prints or film slides. The small view-master 3d pictures need to me fixed in view-master reels which are disk with seven 3d pictures.

3d picture viewer

Figure that shows a 3d viewer with a par of slides which were taken with 3d camera. In this picture we can see a 35mm format of two photos (3d pictures) displayed on film slide and fixed side by side in a mount with a determine distance between them. The distance and the size are specific for this format so they can be put in a 3d viewer and the appreciate the virtual reality effect with magnification lens in the 3d viewer.


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